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Ningbo Yinzhou Industrial Area, opened on February 14th, 2003, has an area of 102.8 square kilometers. Located in the southeast suburb of Ningbo city, it connects Tongsan Expressway to the east, Yinzh...

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◆Convenient TransportationLocated in the southwest suburb of Ningbo, Ningbo Yinzhou Industrial Area boasts a convenient transportation, with Tongsan Expressway to the east, Yinzhou round-city highway ...

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Ningbo Mingzhou Thermoelectricity Ltd., being built now with a total scale of 79 MW and the capacity 570t/h, will provide heat in the nea...

· Address: Ningbo yinzhou district JiangShan Town north road no. 120

· Zip code: 315191
· Telephone: 0574-88073976
· Fax: 0574-88073900
· Email:
· Website:

Investment Guide

  • 1、Catalogue for the Guidance of Foreign Investment Industries.doc
    2、Provisions on Promoting Industrial Structure Adjustment.doc

Preferential Policy

(1)Productive foreign invested enterprises with duration of over 10 years will be exempt from business income tax for two years from the profit-making year and the tax will be reduced by half for the ...


  • ◆Efficient servicePark of innovating administrative system, and constantly improve the quality of service, to settle project implement one-stop services, and construction of the enterprise, the produc...

Forms Of Cooperation

Chinese-Foreign Equity Joint Ventures, China-Foreign Contractual Joint Ventures, Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise are the three main forms of Foreign Direct Investment in China for absorbing foreign ca... .


Ningbo yinzhou industrial park is mainly responsible for revision within the scope of the plan, management and supervise the implementation; In charge of public infrastructure construction and the overall foreign propaganda work; In charge of the park land resettlement work. Responsible for investment promotion and capital introduction and service enterprises have settled in management. Ningbo yinzhou industrial park management committee, there are but three games: office, bureau, planning and construction bureau, bureau of demolished and relocated on requisitioned land. Ningbo yinzhou industrial park management committee and ningbo yinzhou industrial park investment and development co., LTD. The two pieces of brand, a team operations.

The competent units:Yinzhou district people's government office. To undertake:Yinzhou district information center.

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